Problems with map hidden (and possibly map system)

jra at jra at
Wed Nov 6 00:17:05 GMT 2002

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 10:25:50AM +1100, Glen Gibb wrote:
> Hi all,
> I encountered a problem with map hidden a week or two ago and posted a
> patch to fix the problem. However, it appears that it slipped under radar
> as I didn't receive any comments (either positive or negative). So I'm
> reposting the information, hopefully with a clearer explanation.
> Summary:
> ========
> The problem arrises on shares with map hidden enabled when an NTCreate
> message is sent and the file already exists, but the NTCreate specifies
> the opposite value for hidden as the current file.
> Detailed description:
> =====================
> I came across this problem when I enabled map hidden on a profiles share.
> When copying hidden files to the profiles share, XP does the following:
> 1. An NTCreate message is sent to the server with the hidden bit NOT set,
> with the file name set to a temporary file.
> 2. The NTCreate succeeds, and the appropriate message is returned to the
> client.
> 3. The client sends a close message to the server, and the file is closed.
> 4. The client then sends another NTCreate message to the server, passing
> in the same file name, but with the the hidden bit SET. (The server is
> instructed to truncate the file if it already exists).
> Step 4 fails on the samba server because the existing file has a different
> set of attributes to that requested. In open_file_shared1 in smbd/open.c,
> there is  a check performed when the file already exists to compare the
> attributes, and this test is failing.

Have you tested this against a Windows 2000 or XP server ? What is
the behavior there ?


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