net rpc vampire & migration

Guillaume LACHENAL glachenal at
Tue Nov 5 14:18:07 GMT 2002

I've just downloaded HEAD from cvs and code is currently under compilation
on my personal testing box (no hardware at work, it s a pity ...)

Just one question while my P200 is under heavy load :

does the vampire code allow a migration of computer accounts ?

this is the last missing feature for a complete -needed- migration
of our LAN.

We wan't to

1. 'clone' the NT-PDC info a Samba [3.0] PDC
2. shutdown the NT-PDC

without any modification (if possible) on domain members workstation

Does the vampire code (will) allow this ?

We can do testing / report and contribute to the release of 3.0 !



jerry at wrote on samba at :

>> In the Roadmap to 3.0, we can see that this script need some testing 
>> before release.
>> As this kind of migration is the last issue with to cope with before 
>> migration of our
>> complete lan, I can contribute to testing !
>> But I can't find this script in 3.0a20 nor via cvsweb (just a *quick* 
>> sorry)
>> Is there anyone who
>> * has tested the script
>> * know where I can find it 
>> ?
>Volker Lendecke is responsible for this and it is known
>as "net rpc vampire" in the HEAD branch.  Please
>coordinate testing, reports, etc... on the samba-technical
>list (since the feature is still under development). 

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