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Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Mon Nov 4 00:52:00 GMT 2002

On Sat, 2 Nov 2002, Fabien Chevalier wrote:

> Hi all.
> I'm curently playing with KDE smb slave, to try to improve it. It 
> is based on libsmbclient, so... i am playing with libsmbclient 
> too.
> I found some strange things with libsmbclient.
> -The first version i tried, 2.2.6, had a problem listing 
> workgroups on the network. All the rest worked fine.

OK, you need to initialize your workgroup to something in ~/.smb/smb.conf, 
and then it will list workgroups. At least that is how it works at the 
moment in head.

This restriction could be lifted, but would require two changes:

1. The code that gets unhappy if smb.conf fails to load will need to 

2. If a master browser for workgroup cannot be found, then we could do a 
name status query on the local node, which is not guaranteed to work, or 
we could prompt for a name.

> - I then tried 3.0 alpha 20. It had the same problem. And 
> moreover, it could not list the shares on a host anymore.
> - I then tried 2.2.2...and it seems to work fine.

I will have a look at what is wrong in head and see what needs fixing and 
then commit some code.

> What's the current status of libsmbclient development ?
> Is there anything i can do to help solving these problems?
> [I thought of writing a complete benchmark test program for the 
> lib could be usefull to easily detect could the 
> first thing i can do.]

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