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Web Site Design 
We are a UK based, design led, innovative team of qualified professionals who have been developing web sites for a number of years. We offer an excellent personal, helpful and friendly service with simple explanations, while maintaining very competitive prices. Please ask to see our portfolio.  
Email us to find out how to make your website the BEST in its fieldWeb Site Hosting 
We can supply super fast NT, Unix and Windows 2000 web space, POP3 email accounts with every domain, web based email, 2GB data transfer per month, FREE domain transfer, Unlimited FTP Access. We support web site statistics, Cold Fusion, ASP, MS Access, CGI Bin, PHP 4, My SQL, ODBC, DBD and DBI for database. 
Email us for more information on our top performing UK hosting 
Domain Names 
We can supply ALL top level and country domains including .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info,, with most inclusive of POP3 email facilities. All domains are registered for 2 years. Please ask for a quotation for your requirements, the most commonly requested prices are listed below.  
Check domain availability 
Security Certificates & Secure Server 
We can offer you a secure payment solution to meet your needs. From the ability to share our secure server space and Thawte security certificate to your own certificate and SSL space or even web site connectivity to a payment portal of your choice. 
Email us to ecommerce YOUR website 
Search Engine Top Ranking 
We have a 100% success rate in achieving Top 10 positions, giving you complete peace of mind. Our search engine consultants have been fully trained in search engine techniques. We do not rely on automated software. 
We submit to: 
Alta Vista US & UK, AOL Search, AOL UK, Ask Jeeves, BBCi, Clearly Business, DMOZ, Dogpile,, Excite, Freeserve, FAST (Alltheweb), Google UK & US, ,GoTo UK & US (now Overture), HotBot UK & US, ICQit, iWon, LookSmart UK & US, Lycos UK & US, MSN UK & US, Netscape Search, Northern Light, NTL World,, Splut, Tiscali, Websearch UK,, NBCi, UK Plus, Yahoo UK & US*  
* (US) only accept paid submission. 
Option 1 £150?238US$233AU$421 
Option 2 £300?476US$466AU$842 
Option 3 £450?715US$699AU$1263 
Email us to find out more about these optionsVIEW OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION 
Euro, AU and US dollar prices will vary slightly, depending on the current rate of exchange. 
Most of our clients prefer to discuss their requirements by telephone, please send us a contact telephone number, together with a best time to  
call you and we will phone you shortly to discuss your needs in more detail.  
Email Us 
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