[Fwd: Tracking replication changes back to local mirror]

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Sat Nov 2 04:43:01 GMT 2002

The openldap-devel list doesn't like non-members, so I'll just have to
see if we have any local LDAP gurus...

Andrew Bartlett

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Subject: Tracking replication changes back to local mirror
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2002 15:38:19 +1100
From: Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at bartlett.house>
To: openldap-devel at openldap.org

Samba's LDAP support has been growing recently, and we are starting to
notice some issues related to replication:

If we are a normally bound to an ldap slave, and use and ldap referral
to contact the master, we encounter the problem that the slave hasn't
caught up by the time we do the next search on the slave. 

Aside from restructuring Samba to add some form of cache (which I really
would prefer to avoid), is there any way to get some form of sequence
number that we can poll a slave for, that would indicate that it is 'up
to date'?

I was thinking that we could get such a value in the return from the ADD
operation, and poll the slave until it catches up. 

Does anything like this exist?  Are there any moves to add a global
sequence number (which we need for Active Directory stuff in the longer
term anyway), or some other cookie that we can use for 'up to date'

While we could just poll for the new entry to appear, other operations
like a password change are much nastier to do this way...  (And will
bite us, due to the way the windows logon sequence works).

Andrew Bartlett
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