bug in smbclient

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at ns.aus.com
Fri May 31 10:20:02 GMT 2002

On Fri, 31 May 2002, Sergey Ivanov wrote:

> Hello
> There are a couple of problems with smbclient connected with the socket timeout in 
> the select operation.
> The default value of the timeout in smblib is about 20 seconds. 
> Smbclient does not override this value.
> So, when a file is big enought, the checking procedure by antivirus can 
> be more that 20 seconds, so samba does not send to smbclient anything 
> and a timeout happens.

Hmmm, I have seen such problems as well, and they annoy me ... 

The problem is that the library takes unilateral decisions about this and 
does not give the upper layer a chance to do anything about it.

It should be possible to change the time out and to tell the lower layers 
to simply not time out at all.

At one stage I added some code to the lower later routines to allow you to 
pass a -ve number as the timeout, which meant, time out but ignore it.

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