bug in smbclient

Sergey Ivanov ivanov_s at kaspersky.com
Fri May 31 09:16:08 GMT 2002


There are a couple of problems with smbclient connected with the socket timeout in 
the select operation.
The default value of the timeout in smblib is about 20 seconds. 
Smbclient does not override this value.
So, when a file is big enought, the checking procedure by antivirus can 
be more that 20 seconds, so samba does not send to smbclient anything 
and a timeout happens.
In this case smbclient is coredumped. This feature is in all the 
versions of Samba.
I think that an additional option where a user could set a timeout he 
wanted would be well.
I attached a patch, that solve this problem(problem with coredump and an 
additional option).

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