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Andy Thomas ajt at
Fri May 31 09:06:01 GMT 2002

 >From: Nathaniel N.Petersen (CNS Student Support) <cthulu at>
 >Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 08:15:07 -0500

 >There is nothing wrong with using the homes directories like I do.  The
 >lines refered to in the man pages simply don't recommend it.  Well, if
 >you have ever worked for a University, you would understand the amount
 >of overhead involved.  Creating essentially two account locations for
 >evey user is ridiculous.

  I was able to put profile storage outside on home directories without much 
problem.  We have 80,000 student accounts.  We have profile storage on the 
same host as home directories, but in a different place.  We have a separate
filesystem for profiles, /export/profiles.  This allows us to have 500 MB 
quotas for home dirs, and 15 MB quotas for profiles (10 MB quota in policy).  
Profile share is setup as:


        path = /export/profiles/%H

  We just changed our unix account creation so that when it creates 
the home directory (/home/hostname/x/username) it also creates 
/export/profiles/home/hostname/x/username.  Besides being simple
to implement, we have a profile directory tree, instead of one 
directory with 40,000 entries.

 On the domain controller, all accounts have 
profile path = \\hostname\profiles

  Clients are Win XP.  My Documents is redirected to users home directory.

  The domain controller is currently a Win 2000 box.  We are looking into
replacing with samba server as the next step.

Andrew Thomas
Manager of Instructional Servers
Instructional Computing Services, Purdue University

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