MACHINE.SID and tdb's

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Fri May 31 07:31:03 GMT 2002


I need to change the SID of a Samba server I have running. This used to 
be relatively straightforward - one simply shut down Samba, backed up 
the MACHINE.SID file, edited it to reflect the new SID for the machine, 
and started up again.

However, recent versions of Samba have done away with the MACHINE.SID 
file in favour of secrets.tdb. I've looked at the tdb tools in the 
source/tdb directory shipped with Samba, but it's unobvious to me how to 
go about changing the SID. Is there a simple way to change this 
information? I've found reference to a tdbimport and tdbexport, but 
mailing list threads seem to suggest that they are imperfect. I had old 
versions (I think I got them with TNG), but they won't even open 

Any help/hints - before I go of on a wild goose chase - would be much 


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