Profile creation - thanks for the (lack) of help

Nathaniel N.Petersen (CNS Student Support) cthulu at
Fri May 31 06:32:02 GMT 2002

On Fri, May 31, 2002 at 10:07:37AM +0200, Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
> If you want to be a PDC set 'security = User' ,
> this means that samba uses it's own smbpasswd( or tdb or ldap...) as SAM 
> Database, read 'man smb.conf' !!!

Note that from the client's point of view security = domain is the same
as security = user . It only affects how the server deals with the
authentication, it does not in any way affect what the client sees.

Since the systems are able to authenticate, this is not an issue.

> I don't now if this fix your problem!?

No, it didn't.

> try a path with no leading '.'
>         logon path = \\student\homes\%u\ntprofile

Even if you were correct, it worked before (and still is working
elsewhere), it should work now.

> I'm not really sure,  but try it! I remember this solves my problems on 
> this.
> I seems that NT doesn't like this.

NT does like this.  I had over 500 computers (2500+ users) using this
process for the last three years.

> And read Simo's comments on this parameter...

Oh, believe me, I have.  And while we are on that, let me say this...
If you found my comments to be abrasive, GOOD.  I can't believe how
insulting you people are.  I've spent the better part of three work
weeks researching this rebuild.  Don't you think the FIRST thing I did

I thought about dealing with this diplomaticly - but enough is enough.
There is nothing wrong with using the homes directories like I do.  The
lines refered to in the man pages simply don't recommend it.  Well, if
you have ever worked for a University, you would understand the amount
of overhead involved.  Creating essentially two account locations for
evey user is ridiculous.

Furthermore, this PDC is set to "local master = no" for a reason.
Election.  I have 14 other colleges at this university that are NOT
running Linux (yes, there are still people out there that use Windows).
Windows PDC's have fits when this is set to yes.  They lose out on
elections.  If set to false then nmbd will not attempt to become a
local master browser on a subnet and will also lose in all browsing
elections.  With a class B subnet, this is a GOOD THING.

And finally, as far as that whole '.a = patch' thing goes - NO SH!T.
REALLY?  Well, I'll be... I thought only M$ released patches.
Seriously,  I was trying (appearantly not hard enough) to make light of 
my supervisor's lack of knowledge about Samba (AND all the extra work 
it forced me to do). <sarcasm>Lord knows I would much rather be seen 
a fool by the Samba community.</sarcasm>  This should never have been 
an issue.

I want to appologize to those of you who work tirelessly on the Samba
project.  I also want to thank the attempts at trying to help me.  But,
they were of ZERO aid.  Nit-picking at these minor issues does not help
me with the big picture.  Just answer me this - If the windows systems
are able to verify the domain and authenticate, why does the w2k system
right corrupt profile data?  If the NT system is able to create a
profile, why can't it us it?  That's it.

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