hash2 mangling alghorithm

The DJ hartman at mac.com
Fri May 31 06:02:02 GMT 2002

on 31-05-2002 12:21, Simo Sorce at idra at samba.org wrote:

> I just want to warn people that want to use the new hashing algorithm
> for mangled names.
> And that note should also be put in the man page IMO.
> You must understand that changing the hashing algorithm on a production
> server may have unwanted side effects (this is why we maintain by
> default hash and not hash2 and why it was not back ported to 2.2
> initially).

Just as a note, it might be useful to add an UPGRADE file to the release in
which we discuss just these kind of problems that might occur with upgrading
production servers.

> Windows clients may save all around (registry, config files, ecc..)
> mangled paths to files need for programs to work correctly.
> If you change the hash algorithm these paths will become unusable as the
> new mangled name will be different.
> I would advice to use the new hashing algorithm in new installations and
> switch to the new one for old ones only if really necessary to make
> things work (lot of conflicts), and in this case be prepared to
> reinstall some app or manually change some registry/config file to
> reflect the new mangled names.
> So do not just "try" this option, plan to use it carefully.
> Simo.

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