known BUG "multi-byte character set in usernames"

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Fri May 31 03:02:05 GMT 2002

Juergen Hasch wrote:
> Hi Guenther,
> Am Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2002 16:17 schrieb Guenther Deschner:
> > hello,
> >
> > smb.conf-manpage of 2.2.5pre and HEAD states the bug of "multi-byte
> > character sets in usernames":
> >
> > -----8<------------------snip--------------8<--------------
> > BUG: There is currently a bug  in  the  implementation  of
> >        security = domain with respect to multi-byte character set
> >        usernames. The communication with a Domain Controller must
> >        be  done  in  UNICODE  and  Samba currently does not widen
> >        multi-byte user names to UNICODE correctly, thus a  multi-
> >        byte  username  will  not  be  recognized correctly at the
> >        Domain Controller. This  issue  will  be  addressed  in  a
> >        future release.
> > ----->8------------------snap-------------->8--------------
> >

This is a different issue.  We force non-alphanumeric chars to _ in the
login code, for security.  This is what is causing the issue here.  This
may not be what the manpage was originally on about, but is what it
means now ;-)

> Now the correct usernames and groups are shown. I only added a few
> conversions, the correct approach would be to check all
> unistr2_to_ascii calls and add dos_to_unix where neccessary.
> I will generate a complete patch if the Samba team thinks it's worth
> considering and I am not completely on the wrong track :-)

What the heck are you trying here?

Can you resend me the patch you were doing for HEAD, and I'll try to get
that in.  In the meantime, this looks bogus.  

Andrew Bartlett

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