Using linux trustee 2.8 rights in samba

Nieminen, Jooel Jooel.Nieminen at
Fri May 31 02:06:02 GMT 2002

I'm new on this list and don't know is this problem too simple to be posted
here but...

I'm using samba I installed from the RPM package made for RH7.2 on
and it works allright. So does winbind.

but then I came up problems with file security and patched my kernel with
trustee 2.8 package.

well, trustee works fine, but samba does not care about it.
as in security tab on windows I can see unix rights.

the question, what is they to go with this?
I've asked elsewhere and ppl are saying that it shouldn't do that, but
no answers to the problem.

as an example, I have file which is in unix rights marked as read-only for
but with trustee's aclfs are unix file security overwritten and given full
when logged on trough console as me rm does not ask nothing, it just deletes
the file.
samba is different, it reads itself the file security and sais access

I'm getting mad with this and have no clue which way to go, do you, anybody?

  Jooel Nieminen

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