oplock error

Dennis Lattka dlattka at fulcrummicro.com
Thu May 30 16:54:01 GMT 2002

I'm getting file corruption due to oplock errors. Running Linux RH 7.2, 
samba-2.2.4 and Win2k SP2 clients. Have tried turning oplocks off but 
that was a disaster. Mainly MSoffice 2k  and DB files get corrupted. 
This is creating serious problems.
Error message :

[2002/05/30 14:30:10, 0] smbd/oplock.c:oplock_break(761)
  oplock_break: receive_smb timed out after 30 seconds.
  oplock_break failed for file user/dnitzahn/Expense reports/More May 
travel 3.xls (dev = 7441, inode = 18166407, file_id = 64).
[2002/05/30 14:30:10, 0] smbd/oplock.c:oplock_break(833)
  oplock_break: client failure in oplock break in file 
user/dnitzahn/Expense reports/More May travel 3.xls
  reply_lockingX: Error : oplock break from client for fnum = 13268 and 
no oplock granted on this file (user/dnitzahn/Expense reports/More May 
travel 3.xls).

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