taking back the 'restrict anonymous' parameter

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Thu May 30 16:38:02 GMT 2002

On Thu, May 30, 2002 at 05:13:20PM +1000, Tim Potter wrote:
> I'm thinking about taking back the restrict anonymous parameter and
> using it to do Good Things.  Previously in HEAD and currently in 2.2 it
> stops people connecting to shares anonymously but I think Mr Bartlett 
> removed it because it was either buggy or didn't do anything useful.
> I propose that this parameter act like the RestrictAnonymous registry
> setting, i.e it prevents anonymous access to the SAMR pipe and anonymous
> access to the NetShareEnum RPC when set to 1.  When set to 2, it
> disallows anonymous access to all RPC pipes.
> Any objections?  There's still some more testing and coding to be done.
> This may be a good opportunity to implement security descriptors on
> pipes.

Hurrah for Tim ! Good idea :-).


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