Samba as a gateway to OpenAFS

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Wed May 29 14:28:04 GMT 2002

Love wrote:
> Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at> writes:
> > > > I see no reason why this would not be possible.  We would need to do a
> > > > little bit of work on the smbd side of things, but credential forwarding
> > > > is pretty standard.  This assumes either a AD domain, or Samba modified
> > > > to correctlly function with krb5 but without AD (which also implies
> > > > windows clients joined to such a domain).
> > >
> > > So, so how do you tell the client to forward creds to the fileserver, and
> > > can you chose want creds you want to forward ?
> >
> > This assumes krb5, where this is all quite standard.
> Sure, but the question is if there any provision make for this within
> SMB/CIFS ? Doing it out of band make it quite a lot harder, since the all
> (smb) clients need to have a program that forward their creds to the
> server.

MS added krb5 to CIFS.  It is one of the major pillers of 'Active
Directory'.  Samba 3.0 has support for kerberos authenticated clients.

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