Thanks for fixing oplock.c for Linux 2.0 in 2_2 CVS

Richard Bollinger rabollinger at
Wed May 29 14:13:03 GMT 2002

Stoping the "server" service is a very unusual step.  Disconnecting an individual connection,
possibly via idle timeout,  is not so unusual and I don't see the same behaviour with W2K server
vs Samba.  Something else must be going on.

Rich B

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Actually this was a TCP retransmit (shame :-).

Ok - I've played with this a lot and it seems to be completely
reproducible against a W2K SP2 server as well.

If you stop and then restart the "Server" service on W2k, with
a Win98 client connected, then the Win98 client stops responding
to oplock break requests.

Now this is unfortunate in that it happens more to Samba than
to W2K as the idling of connections can cause the serving smbd
to kill itself.

It causes a 30 second wait the first time you try and run an
executable, but after that we stop granting oplocks to that
client and so everything should keep going.


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