VFS mailing list

Derek Holden dsh2120 at draper.com
Wed May 29 13:10:10 GMT 2002

This is how I was envisioning it, something akin to the apache-modules list.

I have an unusual scenario with a VFS module. I'm not confident at this 
point if it's a bug or the details are too vague to submit it as one, 
however it'd be nice to ask other module developers if they've experienced 
it as well.

As far as the traffic, I think it benefits the VFS list more than 
samba-technical. If someone were to post an API question to 
samba-technical, I fear it'd be missed by the casual VFS developer who is 
more apt to answer it because they don't follow all regular samba-technical 
discussion. Or worse, a potential human resource lost by posting VFS 
questions and asking to respond via email because he/she doesn't want to 

I understand the feeling of Yet Another List and wish I could do more with 
providing or managing it.


> > At 10:42 28.05.2002 -0400, Derek Holden wrote:
> > >With the growing interest in VFS module development and subsequent 
> traffic
> > >on samba-technical, would it be wise to start a samba-vfs list for the
> > >module authors? Just a thought.
> >
> > I think it could be samba-modules to discuss vfs modules, pdb modules,
> > auth modules, etc.
>Given past experience, if people want to form sub mailing
>lists, that's fine, but samba-technical should remain the
>focus of development.  A possible scenario might be
>   * discuss internal module implement on sub mailing list
>   * discuss interface and API's on samba-technical
>This is how I've seen other projects work and it will cut
>down on the noise with requiring every to subscribe to
>all lists.

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