Microsoft DFS and the CIFS VFS

Steven French sfrench at
Wed May 29 13:09:07 GMT 2002

>From: jra at (Jeremy Allison)

>On Thu, May 30, 2002 at 06:06:52AM +0930, Richard Sharpe wrote:
>> Has it been checked on FreeBSD? If not, if you give me the source, I
> check it for you.

>It is GPL code. I don't think it can be used in the FreeBSD kernel
>(correct me if I'm wrong Steve).

I am not quite complete on the DFS support in the CIFS VFS but expect to
finish that soon.   I am debugging two more important problems at the
moment a) not killing a captive thread on unmount, and b) (which is turning
out to be harder) a problem displaying info on symbolic links created the
Microsoft way ie with Microsoft "reparse points"

There are still some big holes in it - not all of the code is endian
neutral and it does not do locking yet although it does do some neat things
like hardlinks to Windows servers.

On the second question - the license, I am glad that David et al brought
this up.   I had wanted to allow the code (at worts the main smb PDU
definitions and flags in the main headers) to be able to be reused in user
space utilities and on other platforms but on Linux most kernel code is
licensed as GPL (devfs is an exception and is LGPL).     Currently the code
that I wrote myself (the majority) is licensed LGPL.   But there are some
header files (for error mapping)  from Samba which are GPL and three or
four encryption routines that came from Samba that cause a few C files to
be GPL.

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