Interesting note to Passdb maintainers

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sun May 26 00:44:02 GMT 2002

While messing about with a few things, I managed to get a win2k box to
attempt to rename an account.  This case was when I was joining the
domain, and I chose to make it join as as W2KP-GINA, (its name was
W2KP-MIT, but I had another box 
by that name aready - vmware clone).

This failed, becouse I was using smbpasswd_nua, but it raises an
interesting design question.

In particular, tdbsam should enusre it can cope with this, and should
probably move to RID based index, rather than username.  (RIDs can't
change, as far as I know).

LDAPsam should include the code to change a user's DN if required, and
should do lookups based on RID as much as possible.

Andrew Bartlett
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