Filenames management error

Urban Widmark urban at
Sat May 25 07:23:02 GMT 2002

On 24 May 2002, Raúl Martínez wrote:

> Test 0: 
> The server says to have (and has): 
> The client sees: 
> "RV  INTRODUCCION DE PRECABLEADO DE REC.msg" (882 Kb) (unaccented) 
> find . -type f -exec cksum "{}" \; 
> cksum: ./RV  INTRODUCCION DE PRECABLEADO DE REC.msg: No existe el
> fichero o el directorio 

How do you mount this and how did you configure smbfs?

Two likely causes:
1. You did not enable nls in the kernel and/or specify the correct
   codepage in the mount command. See the smbmount manpage.
2. The server is mapping Ó into O because it thinks that is the best thing
   to do. You should verify with a network snooping tool (ethereal) that
   the server is sending the char as Ó.

There is a known problem with windows machines mapping a char into
something and then not understanding the request when the same char is
sent back.

Patches to add unicode support helps (but for Ó you shouldn't need them ...)
See the 2.4.18 kernel patches on this page:

and note that you need to patch samba too.


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