the undocumented charset parameters in 3.0 - any hints?

Lars O.Grobe grobe at
Sat May 25 06:01:04 GMT 2002


First, this is my first message here, so some words about me. I am a student 
of architecture, and I am responsible for the unix-part of our students' 
computer lab at university (we have about 100 machines, a mix of windows, mac 
os, linux and solaris). We use samba on our fileservers, I just came back 
from tng to the head line, and I am very interested in 3.0 (even if it's not 
"stable" at the moment) as it brings some features I really need.

I have compiled and installed the pre17 from the sources (on SuSE 7.3), and 
it starts without errors. But if I use the dos/unix/display charset options, 
I get a message that the interfaces I want samba to bind to are not found (in 
fact, dos charset is ok, the other two aren't).

I need the charsets as I am in Germany here, and users have a lot of files 
with the German umlauts here. And yes, iconv is installed ;-)

Can anybody give me a short description of the charset parameters, and 
perhaps an example how he/she uses them in a smb.conf?

Thank You, CU, Lars.

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