VFS: create/append log file (UPDATE) - help

troutb at abclabs.com troutb at abclabs.com
Fri May 24 13:46:02 GMT 2002

  FILE *log;
  log = fopen( "/tmp/x.log", "a+" );
  fprintf( log, "Logging actions for ..." );

fopen  returns errno(22) "Invalid argument"

this code works great in a test program ..

is there something about VFS that would prevent fopen ??????

> I've trying to create a log file in a VFS module without using syslog.
> I want to pass in a logfile name via options.
> But,  when I put the following in the vfs_init section.
>  FILE *log;
>  log = open( path, "a+" );
>  fprintf( log, "Logging actions for ...' );
> it hangs ... on the fprintf and I get an empty file.
> I am not a good  C program ...
> is this the right calls and procedure for making a log file in a VFS
> module?

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