Pages in a printjob

Travis Freeland travis at
Fri May 24 12:15:02 GMT 2002

Off topic because it's not samba.. but we had a samba based one going 
first.. And ended up deciding it was not necessary to place another 
middleman between the client and the printer.  Macs/Windows/Unix all 
have pretty good implementations of lpr.

We put in a solution based around lprng and an accounting server that 
the 'achk' and 'af' functionality in lprng talk to.
For page counting we simply ask the printer how many pages it printed 
after the job is complete.  This causes a 20 second or so delay between 
jobs which most users don't notice.  We've had to be very picky on the 
printers that we use for this though.. we've found most of the lexmark 
range to be very good with their pjl page counts.


Wichert Akkerman wrote:

>I'm working on a system where customers have to pay for pages they
>print, and as such it is essential that I have the pagecount of
>a printjob before I send it to the printer.
>Looking at the samba sources the number of pages in a printjob is
>sent as part of the job_info_2 structure and extracted by
>smb_io_job_info_2(). What I don't see is what is done with that
>information. Ideally I would like to have all the information
>in that struct available in the print command.
>Does anyone have any ideas on how to proceed? I'ld prefer not to have
>to dive into the samba code myself, but if necessary and someone
>can give me some pointer where I'll need to look I can do that.

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