Printer administration problem in Samba 2.2.4

Gerald Carter jerry at
Fri May 24 10:59:03 GMT 2002

On Fri, 24 May 2002, Samuli A Valo wrote:

> I am currently having similar problem. Our enviroment consist of native 
> NT4 pdc+bdc and several samba (2.2.4) servers (running under Linux)  doing 
> actual work as member servers of the domain :)
> There are problems with viewing and setting printer properties on the 
> server. These problems seems to fall to two cases:
> 1. When viewing properties from w2k-machine, following error msg pops up: 
>    "Printer properties cannot be displayed. Operation could not be 
>    completed." 
>    This seems to happen only on the printers, which have drivers 
>    assigned, and not on all of those. This also seems to be 
>    non-deterministic, ie. it does not happen all the times...

It was an alignment problem.  I just fixed this in SAMBA_2_2
and HEAD.

> 2. When properties can be viewed, if any setting from  Advanced field are 
>    changed it'll likely fail with following error msg: "Printer setting 
>    could not be saved. Operation could not be completed" This does not 
>    seem to happen on the first try on newly added printer, but on some 
>    printers this happens every time after that first change. And on some 
>    printers it happens only from time to time... Strange!

Same issue I think.

cheers, jerry
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