Printer administration problem in Samba 2.2.4

Samuli A Valo savalo at cs.Helsinki.FI
Fri May 24 10:30:02 GMT 2002

I am currently having similar problem. Our enviroment consist of native 
NT4 pdc+bdc and several samba (2.2.4) servers (running under Linux)  doing 
actual work as member servers of the domain :)

There are problems with viewing and setting printer properties on the 
server. These problems seems to fall to two cases:

1. When viewing properties from w2k-machine, following error msg pops up: 
   "Printer properties cannot be displayed. Operation could not be 
   This seems to happen only on the printers, which have drivers 
   assigned, and not on all of those. This also seems to be 
   non-deterministic, ie. it does not happen all the times...

2. When properties can be viewed, if any setting from  Advanced field are 
   changed it'll likely fail with following error msg: "Printer setting 
   could not be saved. Operation could not be completed" This does not 
   seem to happen on the first try on newly added printer, but on some 
   printers this happens every time after that first change. And on some 
   printers it happens only from time to time... Strange!

Only real clue about the problem is that security tab is not able to view 
SID of domain administrator in text form - it only shows SID in numerical 
form. However as current owner of the item it shows that SID as text 
(DOMAIN\Administrator)... So my guess is that it might be related to some 
strange race condition in client side of connection, with some relation to 
security features...

I straced the samba session, and it showed that samba could actually open 
all the files it needed, and looking through samba logs did not provide 
any clues nor intresting error messages...

Does anyone have any idea, what is wrong. I'm also willing to debug this 
problem further, if just someone could provide me with some hints for 
where to start... And I can provide samba log+other information if it 

Well, at least I'll have to continue investigating this problem next week, 
our two new printers should really get soon to production use!

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