SMB Connection failed

Abdij Bhat Abdij.Bhat at
Thu May 23 02:02:03 GMT 2002

 I get the following error when i try to mount a windows share on my
embedded target 
>>93: session setup failed: SUCCESS - 0
>>SMB connection failed.

 I am using the command 
>>smbmount //win-mac-netbios-name/share-name /mnt/sambashare
 Samba then complains about some codepages missing, but moves on and prompts
me the password. I have set no password on the windows machine for the
"guest" account. [I have pasted the smb.conf used in both the server and
client below ( i use the same smb.conf ).]
 I leave the password empty and press enter. It then gives the above
mentioned errors.

 This was working fine a few weeks ago when we were using the full blown
Red-Hat distribution built for our embedded target (MIPS). Now we have
scaled down the linux to minimal files ( to fit to our flash ) and i beleive
something is missing; which causes the problem. 

 Can somebody please help me resolve this.

Thanks and Regards,

************** smb.conf *************************

; Configuration file for smbd.
; For the format of this file and comprehensive descriptions of all the
; configuration option, please refer to the man page for smb.conf(5).

;	set the work group name
	workgroup = DOMAIN

;	set machine name
	netbios name = Sambabu

;	set description field
	server string = Sambabu Server

;	set a separate log file for each client
   	log file = /usr/local/samba/log.%m

;	set lock directory
	lock directory = /var/lock/samba

; 	set share mode
	share modes = yes

;	allow guests
	guest ok = yes

	comment = Home Directory

;	set path
	path = /home

;	make browsable
	browseable = yes

;	allow guests
	guest ok = yes

;	make writable
	read only = no

;	set create mode
	create mode = 0750

	comment = Publicaly Shared Data

;	set the path
	path = /home/abdij/downloads

;	make public
	public = yes

;	make writable
	writable = yes

; 	make unprintable
	printable = no

	comment = Temporary file space

;	set path
	path = /tmp

;	make writable
	read only = no

;	make public
	public = yes	

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