Urban Widmark urban at
Tue May 21 14:37:01 GMT 2002

On Mon, 20 May 2002 mgoins at wrote:

> I'm having some trouble with smbmount. When I attempt to mount a share and
> specify a uid of 95829 it mounts, but gives it a uid of 30293 is samba
> limited to a 16 bit number the uid field?

As promised here are the patches. It works for me but I don't actually 
need 32bit support so my testing of this isn't worth a whole lot ...

For samba:
    (diff is vs a recent SAMBA_2_2 checkout, but should be ok vs just 
     about any samba 2.2.x release).

For smbfs: (ie the kernel sources)
    (should also be fine with 2.4.17 or 2.4.19-pre-something)

You need to apply the patches and rebuild+reinstall both components.
Samba:		cd /foo/samba*/source ; patch -p0 < samba-2.2-smbmnt.patch
Linux:		cd /foo/linux ; patch -p1 < smbfs-2.4.18-uid32.patch

If you are using 2.4.18 you should also apply this to be safe:

2.4.17 or 2.4.19-preX are ok without it. It does not conflict with the
above and is totally unrelated. Just a bugfix for something someone else
added far too late in a release cycle ...

Let me know when you have tested this so I can send the patches to the
respective source trees, or if you decide not to test them.

If you have trouble with (applying) the patches we can handle that


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