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mount_uid is type "uid_t", which is unsigned int on my platform (Redhat 7.1,
linux 2.4.17) ...

But it gets assigned to data.uid in client/smbmnt.c, main(228):
        data.uid = mount_uid;

... data_uid is defined like this in /usr/include/linux/smb_mount.h:

struct smb_mount_data {
	int version;
	__kernel_uid_t mounted_uid; /* Who may umount() this filesystem? */
	__kernel_uid_t uid;
	__kernel_gid_t gid;
	__kernel_mode_t file_mode;
	__kernel_mode_t dir_mode;

... and __kernel_uid_t is defined like this in

typedef unsigned short	__kernel_uid_t;

uh oh. Looks like a Linux smbfs problem. Did someone forget to update it for
32-bit IDs?

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I'm having some trouble with smbmount. When I attempt to mount a share and
specify a uid of 95829 it mounts, but gives it a uid of 30293 is samba
limited to a 16 bit number the uid field?

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