Solaris and Samba Record Locking

Anjaneya Sastry sastry_ka at
Mon May 20 01:23:02 GMT 2002

Hello Everybody,
    Can you help ?
 Our application is in RMCOBOL. We use Rmcobol Index
files. These are located in Solaris 2.8. Using Samba
2.2 we created a share and accessing the directory
from windows. 

 From windows we are running RMCOBOL runtime ver 7.0
and manipulating the shared files. At the same time
other programs may be accessing these files by
RUNCOBOL of solaris runtime which is in Solaris

Our problem is the locks set by Windows cleints are
not reflected in solaris runtime.

This same problem we faced in Pcnetlink 1.2 (even
after setting the parameter refelct client created
locks in solaris ).

Can this type of locking is possible ? Please let me

Thanks and best wishes

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