Attachments - Re: [PATCH] winbind id assignment module

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Sat May 18 18:22:02 GMT 2002

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> Mike Gerdts wrote:
>>I am confused on list etiquette... I thought that samba-technical was
>>one that everyone complained about attachments 'cause it screwed up the
>>-digest version.
> They complain about binary attachments, and html mail.  Patches havn't
> caused an issue as far as I know.  Works best if you can convince your
> mailer to attach it (as yours did) in a 'text/...' format, as then it
> doesn't get encoded etc.

Mozilla .99 is not handling the last attachment well, but that is it's 
problem.  It is continuously trying to reformat it to fit the preview 

One of the problem with attachments is that many e-mail clients can not 
control what format the attachment is encoded with.

IMHO, it is better to post inline, and send an attachment as a personal 
E-mail on request.

Isn't there a separate mailing list for patches?

In that case, it is better to discuss the patch and it's implications 
here, but send the patch to the appropriate patch mailing list.  Users 
of that list are probably more likely to use a mail client that deals 
with attachments.

Is there a FAQ entry to point people at?

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