Printer administration problem in Samba 2.2.4

Claus Svarer csvarer at
Thu May 16 01:03:08 GMT 2002


I have installed the new version of Samba 2.2.4 on our HP-UX 11.11
system. I do have a problem with the printer administration. I have an
administrator account which is both in "domain admin group", in "printer
admin" and configured at the "write list" for the "[printers]" share.
Whenever I try to show the printers properties at the Windows 2000 box I
get an error message like:

"Printer properties can not be displayes. Operation could not be

using that administration account.

I have now tried to remove this user account from the "printer admin"
definition and then suddenly I am able to open the "properties" for the
printer without any problem. The only problem is then of course that I
can not change the "Device settings" or "Sharing" (upload of printer
drivers) for the printer. This is of course very annoying while I am not
able to define duplex capabilities or set memory installed for the

Does anyone have any knowledge about why I get that error trying to show
the properties for a printer when I am using a "printer admin" account?

Thanks for your help

Best regards
Claus Svarer
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