Samba 3.0-17 getting net ads join/leave errors

Jim McDonough jmcd at
Tue May 14 14:08:02 GMT 2002

>I am able to successfully join & leave a domain, but when I join, leave,
>& then join again I get the following error.

>[root at f018695 bin]# ./net ads leave
>Removed 'F0189695' from realm 'SSSMQS.CORP.COM'
>[root at f018695 bin]# ./net ads join
>net: getvalues.c:93: ldap_get_values_len: Assertion `entry != ((void
>*)0)' failed.
The kerberos credentials cache still contains the tickets from the (now
deleted) machine account.  Destroying the tickets with kdestroy, running
kinit or using -U with a user that can add a machine will take care of it.
We need to fix this.

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