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Sun May 12 14:18:02 GMT 2002

On Fri, 10 May 2002, Hoover, Robert A. [C] wrote:

> I'm very new to Samba, and being an NT administrator, I'm also not very
> proficient with the Unix world.
> However, I've been following some directions in configuring Samba and have
> made decent progress to the point of adding the server to the NT domain and
> seeing the share drive when I click on the icon.
> The problem I'm dealing with is when I try to map a drive to the share, it
> prompts me for a user name and password.  Of course no matter what I put in
> for the password it doesn't accept it.

Hmmm, sounds like your Windows clients want to do encrypted passwords, but 
you have set up Samba to use the default of plain-text passwords.
> My understanding is that the drive should map without any need to enter a
> username and password.

Yes, if you have the encrypted vs plaintest passwords issue sorted.

> I've gone through quite a bit of documentation but nothing seems to be
> getting pass this particular barrier.  
> Does anybody have any suggestions of what I need to try at this point?  I'm
> using Samba 2.2.0

You should upgrade first, to 2.2.3a or so.

Then you should figure out whether or not you want encrypted passwords 
(safer), or plaintext passwords (a little less work).

There are .reg files in the Samba distribution to enable plaintext 
passwords on your Windows Clients if you want to go this way, and the FAQ 
and HOWTOs explain how to set up encrypted passwords if you want to go 
this way!

There are also things called books, that will help. One I can suggest is 
Special Edition, Using Samba.

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