Can't connect to a windows share drive ...

Hoover, Robert A. [C] HooverR at
Fri May 10 11:15:03 GMT 2002

I'm very new to Samba, and being an NT administrator, I'm also not very
proficient with the Unix world.

However, I've been following some directions in configuring Samba and have
made decent progress to the point of adding the server to the NT domain and
seeing the share drive when I click on the icon.

The problem I'm dealing with is when I try to map a drive to the share, it
prompts me for a user name and password.  Of course no matter what I put in
for the password it doesn't accept it.

My understanding is that the drive should map without any need to enter a
username and password.

I've gone through quite a bit of documentation but nothing seems to be
getting pass this particular barrier.  

Does anybody have any suggestions of what I need to try at this point?  I'm
using Samba 2.2.0



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