MSDfs and substitutions/default service..

Shirish Kalele kalele at
Fri May 10 10:26:23 GMT 2002

Hehe, can't say I'm surprised..Could you post a network trace of this just
to confirm what you're seeing..


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> looks like Win2K explorer can sometimes decide to change the case of
> what you enter ...
> sending lowercase ... although I'm still looking into it it looks like
> it could be that if you've been there before and it caches the path
> then it sends lower case even though the first one was type uppercase
> and it worked...
> this is at a share level for a share shich doesn't exist and gets
> passed to the default service as a %s, although I guess that won't be
> the only case... looks like a 'hunt and rescue' path search will be
> needed after all.
> Kevin

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