[PATCH] winbind kills nscd on Solaris

Tim Potter tpot at samba.org
Thu May 9 18:16:01 GMT 2002

On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 02:36:51PM -0400, Mike Gerdts wrote:

> Solaris has a couple extra fields in struct passwd.  Since getpwent(3c)
> says that pw_age and pw_comment are not used, it seems reasonable not to
> fill them in.  nscd may not use them, but assumes that they at least are
> pointers to allocated buffers.  Since they are are not pointers to
> allocated buffers, a SEGV occurs.

Hey what a neat bug.  (-:

I'll have to add some autoconf stuff to do this but I can check
this solution in pretty soon.



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