[Samba] Re: Samba wins eWeek and PC Magazine "Innovation in I nfrastructure" (i3) award for best Enterprise Software !

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba-tng.org
Thu May 9 15:34:20 GMT 2002

On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 05:32:51PM -0400, Gregory, Paul (PS, GNF, Contractor) wrote:
> Luke,

 hi gregory,

 how are you?  i don't believe we've met.

 what do yo do for a living?
 oh, i wrote the dce/rpc code which makes up samba's NT domain
 infrastructure.  i wrote a book about it.  you can buy it
 on amazon.  it's called "dce/rpc over smb: samba and windows
 nt domain internals".

> What is your problem?  

 it's a very long story.  one that i can only assume, by your
 attitude from your message, that would be totally wasted
 on you.

 to give you the benefit of the doubt in that respect, and to
 answer your question partially:

 things got really nasty a while back, and a few people got
 jealous, couldn't handle that i might know a little bit more
 than they do, and i was under such horrible pressure and
 extremely nasty circumstances that i couldn't handle either.

 in all, things went from really good and a lot of fun
 to extremely nasty, in a very short space of time.

 i wish that things were better than they were (i do
 not wish that things were _as_ they were) such that
 the shit that happened could never ever happen to me
 OR to anyone else.

 now it's extremely frustrating because the things that
 need to happen still have not happened, and the users
 of microsoft products are lining microsoft's pockets,
 the US dept of Justice and the EU commission received
 totally the wrong advice because they simply don't know
 what's going on, and microsoft sure as hell isn't going
 to tell them.

 whenever i explain quite how much is involved, people are
 shocked, do not believe it could be that difficult, do not
 believe that it is true, are scared of the repercussions of
 microsoft - including possibly being simply killed, do not
 have the time or the money.

 when in fact, as an example: any company that has more than 500
 employees could easily pay for the development of an exchange
 replacement by writing out the cheque for the license fees to
 me and/or any good open source dcerpc development team and
 subsequently never have to pay microsoft exchange license


> Sounds like you have a huge chip missing from your shoulder.
 yes.  and no.
 yes.  if you had the same kind of things happen to you as happened
 to me, you would a) likely also have same b) not be writing
 me such a blunt email.

 no.  i refuse to give up: i just go away for a while, to recover.


> Get over it!

 well, that is going to take a hell of a lot.

 are you going to help me to help you?

 are _you_ going to fund the dcerpc.net projects?


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