MSDfs and substitutions/default service..

Shirish Kalele kalele at
Thu May 9 11:43:02 GMT 2002

There was a superfluous string_sub in the previous patch. Try this one
instead when you get a chance..


--- msdfs.c.orig	Thu May  9 11:38:48 2002
+++ msdfs.c	Thu May  9 11:38:29 2002
@@ -84,9 +84,11 @@
 static BOOL create_conn_struct( connection_struct *conn, int snum)
 	conn->service = snum;
 	conn->connectpath = lp_pathname(snum);
+	pstring_sub(conn->connectpath, "%S", lp_servicename(snum));
 	if (!smbd_vfs_init(conn)) {
 		DEBUG(0,("create_conn_struct: smbd_vfs_init failed.\n"));
@@ -366,8 +368,10 @@
 	/* Verify the share is a dfs root */
 	snum = lp_servicenumber(jn->service_name);
-	if(snum < 0)
-		return False;
+	if(snum < 0) {
+		if ((snum = find_service(jn->service_name)) < 0)
+			return False;
+	}
 	if (!create_conn_struct(conn, snum))
 		return False;

On Thu, 9 May 2002, Kevin Wheatley wrote:

>Shirish Kalele wrote:
>> Yes, the reason the substitutions don't work is that dfs referrals are done
>> over IPC$ where %S doesn't resolve to the service name you want.
>> This is also the reason why any default services won't be found when a dfs
>> referral is done unless we specifically add the service.
>> Try out this patch and let me know. It'll also go into the next release..
>Thanks for that I'm off home for the day but I'll give it a go in the
>morning. This will afford me a very elegant solution, mirroring out
>NFS based system for the Unix clients, with only the path separators
>being different ...
>e.g. on Unix we have /vdisk/path/to/my/element ->
>which means we can move things around on the servers, but there is a
>global name for it that stays constant.
>With my VFS module/config I turn those links into
>\\vdisk\path\to\my\element which is an MSDfs referal (via the /hosts
>-> msdfs: conversion) to \\machine\path\to\element
>and everybody still has the one place to go looking for things.
>Different elements on different machines.
>Thanks once again for the help, 
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