MSDfs and substitutions/default service..

Kevin Wheatley hxpro at
Thu May 9 11:29:01 GMT 2002

Forgot to ask, if there is a reason why dfs_resolve_path is called
from 2 basic ways:

1) the RESOLVE_*DFS_PATH macros
2) from call_trans2getdfsreferral but not via the macros

it looks like the protection afforded by the macros for ensuring it is
a DFS share etc would be worth while no ? (OK so maybe the exact
protection/calling sequence may need to be different but then you've
localised the use of that function is one way or other.)

Again please feel free to tell me to shut up if I'm talking nonsence.

BTW I thought I should tell you the scale of the DFS redirections ...
my test tree currently has:

877 directories and 1609 links

Which was a snap shot of a database from a few days ago I expect this
to get much larger if this works. By which point I'm going to attempt
to have multiple machines host the tree as it is read only as far as
the end clients are concerned.



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