WinXP and Win2K see wrong free space on Samba 2.2.5-pre

Andrew Esh aesh at
Thu May 9 08:15:01 GMT 2002

Synopsis: An XP or Win2K client will report free space as always the
same as total disk space on a Samba 2.2.5-pre server.

I am updating with SAMBA_2_2, so each time I report, the code is
current to the tip as of that time.

More facts found:

The same XP client reports correct free space info on an NT file

An NT 4.0 client reports correct free space on the same Samba 2.2.5-pre
file server.

Changing the fstype parameter in smb.conf to something other than NTFS
does not affect the problem.

More environment info:

Platform: Linux Redhat 7.1, on an i386.

Configure: --with-smbmount --with-winbind --with-vfs --with-logfilebase=/var/log/samba

Compiler: gcc 2.96

File system: XFS (Also produced on other file systems, so this isn't

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