MSDfs Samba2.2.4 lower case ??

Shirish Kalele kalele at
Wed May 8 10:12:06 GMT 2002

>> Simply removing strlower() won't do it. You could use unix_convert() to do
>> this, and set a flag so that unix_convert() is not called a second time
>> following RESOLVE_DFSPATH if the path is not a dfs link.
>Ah, we're Win2K only here so that would explain why it worked in my
>testing. I guess that means I'll have to work out what's really going
>on inside samba then... oh well there goes my 'quick' fix :-)

If you're only 2K, simply removing strlower is your quick fix.

For Win9x clients, the quickest fix is to take a look at replacing
strlower() with something like unix_convert().

When I find time, I might remove the restriction of lowercase-only paths
for dfs links.


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