MSDfs Samba2.2.4 lower case ??

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Wed May 8 09:17:14 GMT 2002

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Subject: MSDfs Samba2.2.4 lower case ??

> I've been writing a VFS module that provides an alternative syntax for
> msdfs links on the unix side


> and wondered why the strlower() call is
> needed in msdfs/msdfs.c line 168, I need my redirects to contain mixed
> case letters. It appears to work in my initial testing without it.

The strlower() call is done because some clients (Win9X) send paths in all
uppercase, and so you'd need to try out case-combinations of all the
components of the path to figure out what the path is; a simple lstat with
the pathname would not work. By doing this, we of course restrict link names
and all intermediate directories to be all lowercase.

Simply removing strlower() won't do it. You could use unix_convert() to do
this, and set a flag so that unix_convert() is not called a second time
following RESOLVE_DFSPATH if the path is not a dfs link.

- Shirish

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