Bug: Lock problem with MS Access

Pablo Alcaraz pabloa at laotraesquina.com.ar
Tue May 7 20:51:01 GMT 2002


I wish to report a problem.
I wrote a VB test program for speed benchmark access to MS Access (DAO 
version 3.0).
When I run this program a few times (2 or 3 times) from a NT 4 Server + 
SP 6, samba lock the mdb file with a exclusive file lock. DAO report me 
an error "The database are locked".

When I close the program, the lock stay until I restart de smb service.

Ther version of samba is 2.2.3a from cvs. The linux kernel is 2.4.16+acl 
patch running in a Athlon box.

I remember that Novell had problems with samba locks. We had to increase 
the quantity of locks to the max supported for novell (version 4.11).

I don't know, maybe that this question is stupid: Do the lock.tdb file 
or samba support a fix number of concurrents locks?

We have a corruption problem of foxpro files and locks errors in access 
databases with the oplocks switched on and I suspect that they may 
happen because an "overflow" of the max locks supported by samba.

I send you the VB test program source.


Private Sub test_Click()

Dim db As Database
Dim rs As Recordset
Dim sNombre As String, s As String
Dim n As Long, f As Long

sNombre = "f:\sfmconv\cvt\datos100.mdb"
Set db = OpenDatabase(sNombre, False, False)
Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("cvt_bcra")
txtInicio.Text = Now
For f = 1 To 100
n = 0
While Not rs.EOF
txtStatus.Text = s & n / rs.RecordCount * 100
s = rs!CVT_Longitud
n = n + 1
txtFin.Text = Now
txtDif.Text = DateDiff("s", txtInicio.Text, txtFin.Text)

End Sub


Pablo Alcaraz
pabloa at mbasystems.com.ar
+54 11 4343-7916 int 226

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