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Tue May 7 17:10:00 GMT 2002

Sorry for bothering you Toomas, I just correct the smbpasswd entry with 
pdbedit and it now works. 

Could I have found this in some kind of documentation?

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On Tue, 7 May 2002 Thomas.Mieslinger at wrote:

> Maybe I didn't get you right, but this would mean pdb_ladp suffers the
> same problems with %u etc.

it seems so.

> In the smbpasswd.org_dir are fileds like profile_path, dir_drive and
> home_dir. How do I use these values for telling the workstations the
> correct logon drive and so on?

I have smbpasswd entry like following:
tsoome:1020:3040:1000:3001:[U          ]:blaah:blaah

I put some newlines to fit on line. the basic idea is that if there is
value in nis+, we will use it, if not, we will try to find default from
smb.conf. thisway we can use per user settings and system defaults....

btw: you may notice that dir_drive is H:, my personal feeling is that
there should be just H and : should be added by pdb code, but..... somehow
H: does not "feel" right....

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