Session setup failed: SUCCESS - 0

Abdij Bhat Abdij.Bhat at
Tue May 7 04:52:02 GMT 2002

 I am trying to mount a Windows share using smbmount. On the Linux machine
which is also the Samba server, this works fine. 
 I also have an embedded system whose target is MIPS running on Linux. I
cross compile samba for MIPS target ( only smbmount ) and try running it on
my embedded system. Previously this use to work. Now there have been some
changes in the target environment and i have to use the new one. As far as
Samba is concerned there should be no change, since i am taking care of the
smb.conf file. I had never in the past used the /etc/passwd file so i guess
that should not be a problem since my windows share is accessible by
 When i try to to a smbmount //windows-machine-name/share-name /mnt/smbmnt i
get the following errors
685: session request to <windows-machine> failed ( Called name not present )
Password: ( i press an enter here )
685: session setup failed: SUCCESS - 0
SMB connection failed

 Can some body tell me what the problem is and what is the solution for the

Thanks a lot in advance.

Thanks and Regards,

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