findsmb PATCH -- host names can contain spaces

Derrell.Lipman at Derrell.Lipman at
Mon May 6 08:23:04 GMT 2002

Gerald Carter <jerry at> writes:

> Simo fixed it in HEAD and it just hasn't been backported yet.
> I'll update SAMBA_2_2 later today.  If you wouldn't mind giving
> it a go later this afternoon and make sure we have this bug 
> straightened out.

I have tested the version in HEAD and it does seem to handle host names with
*internal* spaces properly. My submitted patch to findsmb can be safely

My understanding is that the patch in HEAD does not handle the case of host
names with leading spaces, because the output of nmblookup does not allow
detecting that.  A couple of weeks ago, I submitted some patches to client.c
(smbclient) to provide script-parsable output to the list of shares on a host,
but those patches do not seem to have been incorporated.  I'd be glad to do
similar modifications and submit a patch to nmblookup, which would allow
detecting leading spaces in host names.  Let me know if such changes would be
incorporated, and if so, I'll work on it this week.



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