libsmb/namequery.c problems ...

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Fri May 3 23:33:01 GMT 2002


In tracking down some problems with winbindd I have noticed that 
namequery.c does not handle multiple IP addresses at all if a DC has 
multiple IP addresses (in DNS, and the DNS name is given in passwd server 
in the smb.conf).

I suspect that this will not cause a problem if the DC has multiple 
adapters that are all configured and working, but if the DC has aliases, 
this will cause a problem because cm_get_dc_name in winbindd_cm.c calls 
get_dc_ip, which only returns one IP, which might be the IP of the alias. 
cm_get_dc_name then goes on to do a WINS request against the returned IP, 
but Windows seems not to listen for WINS requests against anything other 
than the primary IP address of the adapter.

This will cause painfully inexplicable results for some DCs and not 
others, however, it is going to require some work in namequery.c to fix.

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