Serious Samba-Bug ?

Lars Heineken Lars.Heineken at
Fri May 3 09:47:02 GMT 2002

Hi Folks !

Today I found another bug in vesrion 2.2.3a : Our unix-server hosts a samba-share that contains all files from the win98-CD. Every win98-client maps this share as drive Z. He uses this drive when win98s asks for the windows-cd. After Upgrading the server from samba 2.0.7 to samba 2.2.3a the win98-machine locks when he tries to access this "windows-cd-rom-drive-share" The normal browsing via explorer works fine, but the selection of "Z:\" as Source of the win98-CD (during the dialog "new hadrware found" eg.) locks the win-machine completely. After changing the binaries smbd and nmbd back to version 2.0.7 on the server, everything workes fine again.

And the best: The problem with the large files that could not be transfered is gone, too  !!
              (mail subject: Very bad performance when copying large files from windows to samba-share)

So my question is: What have you changed that might cause this strange behaviuor ? Possibly fix it ? 
If you send me smbd-nmbd-binaries from different versions, I could try all of them and report back wich stepping contained the misbehaviour at first.



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