6s Delay when accessing share

Ken Cobler kcobler at coblercorp.com
Fri May 3 09:02:02 GMT 2002

Christoph Kaegi wrote:

> Dear list members
> We experience a 6 seconds delay when accessing a samba share, for example
> when copying a local file to the share, or accessing the share by
> doubleclicking on "my documents", which is redirected to the UNC sharename.
> When looking at the network traffic, i see the following:
> - client is doing a create request to \srvsvc on the IPC$ Share
> - this succeeds and the client gets a FID
> - client does a DCERPC Bind (UUID: 4b324fc8-1670-01d3-1278-5a47bf6ee188)
> - now, the server responds with a 'Write AndX Response'
> - client tries do close the FID but gets again a STATUS_INVALID_HANDLE
> This is repeated for about 400 to 600 packets, then the original
> user request for copying or showing a share succeeds.

Just a thought, here's an article at Microsoft's website that indicates Windows
XP (as a client for SMB) may experience a delay.  There is a client fix for
Windows XP.


Ken Cobler

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